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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Universal Remote

To begin things on a funny note, the remote is by far one of the best inventions in the history of science and technology. Our body, a switched on TV, remote, and the couch make the perfect team. And the words “Surfing The Channels” would not have been in existence. Who would want to sit and stand every five seconds?

There was a time when every remote control was designated to a particular device. In the history of remotes, science took a small, but a very significant leap. Some lazy intelligent scientist came up with this brilliant idea. The normal remote controls were upgraded to universal remote controls, which without second thoughts is nothing less than a boon.

Using this Universal Remotes has its pros and Cons:


The evident one is that it can be used to control more than one device. Let us accept the fact the remote control is one of the household appliances that get misplaced too often. Just giving it a thought, just searching one misplaced remote control itself is something that gets to our nerves. What if we misplace three or four of them? It is definitely a situation that cannot be described in words.

To add more to the list most of the universal controls are equipped with led lights and stuff, so finding them when misplaced won’t be that big issue.



The Universal Remote has its fair share of drawbacks

The main disadvantage when it comes to using a universal remote is the complexity of the functions. Since the technology is to control all the electronic devices, it will take some time to get the hang of it.

Some of the high-end universal remotes need a lot of programming to done to use it up to its full potential. If you are a person, who would not want to get into something on those lines, it is better to opt for the low-end ones where the functions are not that complex compared to the high-end ones.



In Universal remote, there is a power button which is basically to switch on and off the device that is being controlled. A provision is also provided to select the devices such as TV, VCR, DVD to select which device needs to be controlled. The number keys are provided to change the channels and also to set the date and time. A set button is provided for the user to access the already programmed codes. Most of the universal remotes are equipped with D-pads for the user to access the menus in the DVD players.

In the high-end universal remotes allows the user to program command sequence using Macro Programming. With the right programming, these remotes can be used to control any devices without switching. There are few high-end universal remotes that are equipped to make phone calls. These remotes can also be connected to the PCs and configured.

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